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Fairytail Welcome to Fairy Tail Answers! Fairytail

The answer to all your Fairy Tail questions. You can ask a new question using the box above. Our site allows info from recent chapters and episode and as such has
a plethora of spoilers so be very cautious. We have very few policies, and they can be viewed here.

A Fairy Tail Answers Wiki Public Service Announcement!

Please read before you ask ANY questions!

Here at the Answers Wiki, we answer questions based solely on fact from the Fairy Tail manga, omakes, anime, OVAs and any other official sources. We do not speculate, we do not fabricate and we do not use unofficial sources. As such:

  • If you are going to ask a question such as "Does Natsu love Lucy?" your question will be DELETED without hesitation. The same can be said for ANY question along the lines of "Does X like Y?", "Is it possible that Y holds romantic feelings for Z?", "Is X in love with Z?" and "What is the relationship between X and Y?". Any sort of question like this requires us to SPECULATE, as there are only a handful of couples in Fairy Tail that are officially canon and anything non-canon IS NOT confirmed, and therefore we don't know and have no say in their feelings. So, please stop with the incessant amount of relationship questions. Thank you.
  • Similar to the above, please, please, PLEASE do not ask us for strength comparisons. "Is X stronger than Y?" or "Would Y beat Z in a battle?" again requires us to speculate, unless the fight has already occurred in the manga/anime. However, if it has occurred in the manga/anime you can already find out yourself by reading/watching. Hence, all of these sorts of questions are deleted on sight.
  • WE ARE NOT HIRO MASHIMA! As such, asking us any question about the future of the manga or anime is completely pointless, and your question will be deleted. Things like "How many chapters will there be in Fairy Tail?", "Will X and Y get together?", "Will Z die?" and "What happens at the end of Fairy Tail?" obviously cannot be answered because the manga has not ended! Basically, any question starting with the word "will" is likely one we cannot answer, so think carefully before you ask these types of questions.
  • WE ARE NOT SLAVES! We will be happy to try and assist you with finding certain scenes and music from the anime and manga, though this takes us time. Asking us questions such as "What are all of the episodes Aries appears in?" and "What are all of the songs in episode 154?" take us far too much time to answer. We have lives, we have homework, we have jobs. We run an answers Wiki but we will not dedicate every second of our lives to it. Any questions that do require too much research on our behalf will be deleted.
  • We do not run the dubbing, subbing or sales companies for the anime, or the translation, typesetting or publishing companies for the manga. As such, we do not know when future chapters/episodes will be released until they are officially confirmed (usually a few weeks before they are set to be released). We do not know when dubbed episodes are due to be dubbed (though FuNi's website usually updates very well with this information). We do not know anything about Netflix! I am from Australia. I don't even know what the hell Netflix is! Finally, we do not know the stations you have on your TV and if they air Fairy Tail, so please, stop asking us for specific release dates and schedules. If it's not on the distributor's website, we don't know either!
  • And finally, we are a sister Wiki to the Fairy Tail Wiki, and, as such, we believe any questions here should be ones that cannot be easily answered by searching the Fairy Tail Wiki. Ages, dates of birth, guild mark locations, manga and anime debuts, Magic powers, affiliations and SO MUCH MORE are ALL on the Wiki on character pages or somewhere similar. Please check the Wiki before coming here, because any question that can be answered simply by reading the Wiki will be deleted. On this note: NATSU AND GAJEEL'S AGES HAVE NEVER BEEN STATED AND ANY CHARACTER WITHOUT A LAST NAME HAS NEVER HAD THEIR LAST NAME REVEALED! Seriously, we get asked these like 3 times a day. If we knew, don't you think we'd have put it on the main Wiki by now? It's not like we all secretly know and are hoarding information >__>

If you have read through this list and your question does not include any of the above, feel free to ask us :) If it does include the above, see the Fairy Tail Wiki, see an official website of Fairy Tail (we have these listed on the Fairy Tail Wiki's main page) or just wait and see if your damn OTP becomes canon.

Thank you and have a nice day,

TheCarrotSaysYumYum, admin of the Fairy Tail Answers Wiki.

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